Dry & Wet Risers

RGE offer a complete repairs, maintenance and testing service of the following systems:

  • Dry & wet rising mains
  • Hose reel systems
  • Sprinkler systems    

The methods we use for testing these systems comply with the relevant requirements. Systems should be tested every 6 months with a full pressure test annually. We will also visually inspect the entire system from roof to ground level, with a connection made to a pressurised water supply at the inlet.

We will check the entire system for any sign of leaks or damage, and any excessive loss in pressure will be seen as a fail. If no leaks or faults are found, we will de-pressurize and drain the system, and issue a certificate. For wet risers there are further checks made on cleanliness of storage tanks, booster pumps and other equipment.

All of our operatives are trained and experienced to meet the full requirements of the British Standards Regulations. They carry spares on their vehicles and are able to eliminate most defects while on site.

Our dedication to outstanding customer services extends beyond the 8am to 5pm. Emergency call out services is 24/7 with guaranteed 2 hour response to all existing clients and customers.


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